Lego Atlantis Angler Attack 7978

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Atlantis Angler Attack 7978
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For anyone who is shopping for a Atalntis Lego set We've put together some good information. Atlantis Angler Attack 7978 is a wonderful Atalntis Lego set! I really loved that the Lego set had the feature of diver with camera and barracuda guardian minifigures with trident included. Additional features include things like 201 elements and angler fish features functioning jaws. 4611026 is the manufacturer's number for this high-quality Atalntis Lego set. It has a weight of 0.7 lbs. To find the best price on this item together with other products, visit the market button on this page.

Expert diver Dr. Fisher catches sight of an ancient helmet lying among the ruins of Atlantis. Can he outsmart his foes to claim the treasure for himself. Just then, the evil Barracuda guardian and giant Angler Fish with razorsharp teeth swim from out in the darkness. and will he have time to take a photo of the rare fish The LEGO Atlantis Angler Attack functions * Angler Fish features functioning jaws * Deep Sea Jet features harpoon and grabbers * Includes treasure chest with jewels and golden helmet * Diver with camera and Barracuda guardian minifigures with trident included 201 pieces


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