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Lego Atlantis Seabed Scavenger (8059)

Atlantis Seabed Scavenger4 Star Rating
Atlantis Seabed ScavengerLego Atlantis Seabed Scavenger 8059 Image 1
Lego Atlantis Seabed Scavenger (8059)

Snap the idea together with Lego Atlantis Seabed Scavenger (8059) brought to you by Lego. 8059 is the model number for this Atalntis Lego set. One of the several characteristics for this Lego set is the additional features: cockpit opens, weapons storage, spinning saw and pincher, and 3 unique wheels. Other highlights consist of 119 pieces. The Atalntis Lego set dimensions are 7.52"H x 10.31"L x 2.4"W and has a weight of 0.5 lbs. I would like for you to get the best price and service when buying a Lego set.

lego atlantis seabed scavenger coral-covered rock

Regular Price: $16.99
Price: $31.00
Manufacturer: LEGO
Model: 4567859
UPC: 673419129619


Leaving no coral-covered rock unturned, the 3-wheeled Seabed Scavenger rolls along the ocean floor in search of clues for the location of Atlantis. Includes Manta Warrior minifigure and 1 diver minifigureTwo flick firing torpedosSpinning saw weapon and grab clawCollectable green treasure key! Includes Manta Warrior with trident and deep-sea diver minifigures. Even with the deep-sea vehicle's grab claw, spinning saw and flick-firing torpedoes, this is going to grow to be one particular tough battle! Collect each oneMeasures 10"(25cm) long Suddenly, a glint of light - it's the fabled green treasure key, guarded by a fierce Manta Warrior!


  • Additional features: Cockpit opens, weapons storage, spinning saw and pincher, and 3 unique wheels
  • Seabed Scavenger with suspension, twin torpedoes and crushing claws
  • 119 pieces
  • Collectible green Atlantis treasure key included - collect them all
  • Set includes 2 minifigures: 1 heroic diver and 1 Manta Warrior guardian with trident
  • Count: 1
  • Dimensions: Height: 7.52" Length: 10.31" Depth: 2.4"
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs.
  • Package Dim.: Height: 2.4" Length: 10.3" Depth: 7.4"
  • Package Weight: 0.5 lbs.

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